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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

C's don't need Garnett ... not right now

By Chad Garner
Fan Fanatic Sports Staff
Someone please give Kevin Garnett a nice fluffy pillow for his head.
See, I want him to get as much rest as possible. 
With Garnett's knee injury, it seemed like everything was OK when he returned after a 13-game absence.
Garnett wasn't effective anyway, trying to work his way back into game shape. He didn't play more than 17:51 in any of those games, and he scored 10-10-12-4 points.
Something must not have been right if the Celtics decided to pull the plug on KG's comeback -- he's missed the last four games. Or they thought rest was the best recipe.
But I'm not really concerned about it. All indications are the C's are playing it smart with KG -- maybe he'll get some game action in the Celtics' final five games before the playoffs (The C's host the Nets tonight at 7:30 p.m.)? 
But that doesn't even bother me.
I'd rather have a rusty KG in the playoffs that didn't play in those final 5 games, than a KG who came back and tweaked his knee and then his playoff status is up in the air.
The C's have more to lose than to gain by inserting KC into the lineup right now.
In the Eastern Conference, the C's are 4 games behind Cleveland for the top spot, and face it they're not catching Lebron James and the Cavs. But they only have a one-game lead over Orlando for the No. 2 seed.
So the question is: Are the C's more concerned about holding down the No. 2 seed or trying to repeat at World Champions?
Easy call here in my book. Big deal, even if the C's lose ground and have to settle for the No. 3 seed, a healthier KG gives them a better chance to make a postseason run and repeat. The C's can't win it all without him. Kedrick Perkins, Leon Powe and Glen "Big Baby" Davis have been great, and their increased playing time is only going to help in the postseason, but they don't score or defense like KG does.
Who really cares about seedings? Home court, blah, blah, blah. I'll take health over seeding any day. This isn't a inexperienced team that's going to wet their shorts because they've got to play a Game 7 on the road.
Keep on resting KG, and we'll see you in the playoffs.

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